Coqui Coqui

Coqui Coqui

Coqui Coqui from Mexico is one of our international brands which is presenting their collection in one of the showrooms of MVN&I.

Legend has it that during the colonization of the new world, in the remote lands of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Franciscan monks created perfumes from the lush abundance of flowers, tropical woods and exotic herbs.

For almost 300 years these prized products perfumed the Spanish Empire and entire generations were delighted by such distinguished essences.

Nicolas Malleville, a contemporary landscape architect and perfumer, was inspired by the exotic flora and scents of the Yucatan in the libraries of Kew Gardens in England, Le Jardin de Bagatelle in Paris and Hanbury Gardens in Italy.

Fascinated by travel, history and the explorer’s lifestyle, and captivated by the charm of the Yucatan, Malleville founded Coqui Coqui Perfumeria in 2003 with a clear objective in mind: recover the monks’ old formulas and fuse them together with the legacy of ancient Mayan medicine.

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